DigsFactTM is a Chicago based startup focusing on automating the process to capture spatial data (e.g.: linear measurements, surface areas) using our Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR) based proprietary software for residential & commercial properties. This allows for remote estimation of property claims, repair and renovation projects, and reduces the cost & time to estimate such projects by over 90%.

Our biggest differentiator lies in how we have simplified our product to make it super-easy for our end users.

Key Differentiators:

  1. Our technology works equally well with a single (1) photo, so we do not require our users to submit multiple photos of the same object, which can be painstaking
  2. Our photos and sketches (2D & 3D) are ready to be viewed, measured and analyzed, instantly, via our secure portal that is accessible via any browser
  3. Our technology works for property interior as well as exterior – The homeowner simply takes a photo – the Insurance Adjuster / Property Appraiser / Home Improvement Contractor can estimate the job remotely

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