DigsFactTM Uses Virtual Reality (VR) To Digitally CREATE, MEASURE, INSPECT And EXPERIENCE Any 3D SPACE – Such As A Real Estate (Residential Or Commercial), A Tourist Spot, A Scenic View, Or Any Other Place Of Interest – Within Minutes, Using Only Your Smartphone.

Our Goal Is To Enable And Empower Individuals And Businesses, To Conduct More Activities REMOTELY, So They Are Spending Less Time On The Road And Can Be More Productive With Their Time. This Applies Not Only During The Ongoing COVID Pandemic, But Also In The Post-COVID World. Less Commute Leads To A Cleaner Environment And A Better Work-Life Balance. Additionally, The Ability To MEASURE, INSPECT And EXPERIENCE Any 3D Space From A REMOTE Location Allows Businesses To Be More Flexible With Their Hiring Choices And Better Utilization Of Their Existing Resources. For Example, An Insurance Company That Is Working On Claims On The West Coast, Can Engage A Claims Assessor Or Adjuster In The Midwest To Process A Claims FNOL Remotely. Appraisers In The Remote Chicago Suburbs Can Appraise Properties In Downtown Chicago. Property Managers In New Jersey Can Manage Properties Across The NY-NJ-CT Tri-State Region.

We, At DigsFactTM, Embrace And Encourage A Culture Where We Are Willing To Try New Things, Be Proud Of Our Failures And Take Those Lessons To Reiterate. Since The Founding Of The Company, One Of Our Topmost Priorities Has Been To Practice Diversity Of All Shapes And Forms Such As Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Intellect, Perspective, Etc.

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